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    Strive for simplicity. Deliver Results.


    From the team that grew KuCoin from 0 to 5 million traders. Our entire company is committed to providing YOU with the massive blockchain reach that gets results, all at an affordable price.


    Our pre-packaged ad solutions have been used by large and small projects, Exchanges, betting sites and other businesses in restricted advertising categories.

    Advertise: Retargeting Traders

    Advertise: Emails

    Monetize: Resellers


    Reach a Proven Audience of +20 million crypto traders


    We have spent over 3 million US dollars filtering out traffic from the largest ads networks.


    Our audience, UNLIKE the audiences of crypto and non crypto ads networks, has a CLEAR INTEREST in trading and cryptocurrency exchanges as they have CLICKED exchange/trading related ads.



    Global package campaigns according to your needs with monthly ads budgets of $3,000, $5,000, $10,000 and +$15,000

    Multiple Ads formats available on request: banner, HTML5
    and video ads




    Geo-targeted campaigns with over 200 countries and more than 3 million active crypto users (within the last 3 months) showing an affinity to crypto trading. There are millions more users being added to this as time passes


    Multiple targeting methods beyond geo-location: Keywords, website placements, topics, gender, age, estimated income, etc

    We will build a retargeting audience for you for further and more optimized promotions for guaranteed improvements in performance

  • How Retargeting Works



  • Custom Placements



  • Retargeting Campaign Pricing

    $750 one-time set up fee also applies

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  • How to get started

    5 easy steps


    Select your ad campaign size


    Sign insertion order and send campaign payment via wallet address


    Fill out onboarding document, speak with our onboarding specialist and provide banners in the sizes specified in the document


    Add our conversion tracking code to your site so we can track conversions, as well as provide our analytics email which we provide to you, with edit level access into your Google Analytics for the duration of the campaign


    We run your campaign and provide updates every second day of the campaign, and a report at conclusion of the campaign

  • Email list and Sending Service

    Reach crypto users email inboxes

    1000's of crypto emails

    Your messages sent

    Email clicks & conversion

    Post-reports with email analytics

  • How our Email service works


    We’ve carefully collected a global email list of blockchain investors, traders and users. Our sources includes ICO projects, Coinbase, Bifinex and more. These are all on a single Excel file.


    The email list is verified, which means it is ready for mailing. If a list is not verified, it means there will be hard bounces and the mailing domain will be blacklisted. This is why it’s important to have a verified email list.


    Email List + Sending Service Package includes:

    • Email list usage
    • HTML email send out (you provide the HTML designed template, we send it out)
    • Sending system/ email blast service (we give you a post-campaign report with opens, clicks)


    Interesting, right? Contact us


  • Major crypto Exchanges, media influencers and projects have used our email list services.

    Note that we also have a one-time set up fee of $450 for our sending system.






    Have your own projects and exchange contacts in blockchain?

    Earn personal income by reselling our retargeting ad network

    + email list and sending service

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    You'll earn % on the ad campaign size and % on the set up fees


    Earn income by adding us to your ad sales media kit

    What do I do?

    You add our re-targeting ad tag to your web site so your website audience joins into our ad retargeting pool

    How can I earn money?

    You will resell our retargeting/re-marketing audience of crypto users to any of your interested advertisers.


    We'll give you an editable media kit, the prices you sell are the same public prices that are listed on our site. You will earn commission income on each sale.

    Next steps to get started?

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